Monday, June 2, 2014

Whole Latte Love (Contemporary Romance Book Review)

All I can say is another GREAT ONE from Rachelle Ayala Publishing, LLC. SHE ROCKS!!!!

This book had me sucked in after the first 2 pages!!!  Set in Berkeley, California, Whole Latte Love is a romance of opposites-attracting.  It mixes bluesy rock music, hot, steamy love scenes, and financial shenanigans.

The chemistry between Investment Banking intern Carina Chen and the Free spirit Dylan Jewel embraces everything opposites attract stands for in a romance.  Carina Chen doesn’t need any distractions—especially the sexy, guitar-playing barista she rooms with for the summer.  Dylan, oh Dylan, appreciates the delightful universe of women who vie for his attention. His goal in life is to do good, make happy coffee, and help the homeless.

Carina is so different than Dylan in every way, or so she thinks.  She does not like to party and needs lots and lots of sleep to stay on her strict schedule she sets for herself. Carina is bound and determined not to fall in love and to do anything and everything she has to do to secure her spot in banking after her internship is over.  Dylan is everything a book boyfriend should be.  HOT!!!

When they both meet there are instant sparks but they both have to fight it.  Will they end up together or will they keep fighting it?  That is something you will have to find out.

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Enjoy Reading.



  1. Hi Lorri, thanks for your awesome review. Yep, it's going to be a hot summer with Dylan around.

  2. I too need this hot hot summer with Dylan!!! WOW, love the review and now I'm dying to read 'Whole Latte Love' does it come with chocolate molten hot chocolate?